A New Home Base and Format

20 Jul

Life is full of tough choices.

Journalist or Blogger?  Twitter or Facebook?  Run away crying or hide in a corner?

These are all choices I’m faced with right now.  All choices I really don’t have the answers to.  Choices that I’m not sure I want the answers to.

The one thing I do know is that I need a plan.  Parenting takes planning, and if I’m going to write about parenting, it only makes sense that my writing gets a plan as well.

My boys have zero plan in this picture.  Sure they are having a good time for the moment, but soon enough the older one is going to cry about baby drool all over the ring, and the baby is going to cry because his brother is crying. Ungrateful I tell you.

So, here is the plan – is my new home base.  I currently write for the Chelmsford Patch,, and will soon be unveiling a new venture reviewing Hasbro kid’s toys.  In addition to those “homes”, I have a number of social media websites, and with new ones popping up seemingly every month (I hear the The Home Depot will soon be launching their own social media platform to rival G+), I felt the need for a safehouse.  Welcome.

The writing will stay the same aside from my continual quest to improve and innovate.  Like many of us, certain passions develop later in the life, and writing is one of those for me.  The writer you are reading now will not be the writer you are reading in 6 months, I can guarentee you that.  I will always strive to get better and I will always look for ways to be different.  I am well aware that there are a zillion parent writers/bloggers out there, and I’m pretty much banking on the fact that my kids are more ridiculous then theirs.  Judging from the above picture, I’d say that the burden of proof is on them.

Lastly, I needed a format.  I have been experimenting with the Monday / Thursday posting dates and found no real problems with any of it, so that will remain as is.  The one twist will be that Thursdays will now be my toy review day rather then my original ‘Green Parenting’ campaign.  Listen, I’m a big fan of the whole green movement in that I believe in sustainability more so then hugging trees, but it just isn’t a weekly topic for me.  When it comes up in my life, I will write about.  I garden, recycle, and compost with my boy (soon with both boys), so these stories are definitely not going away, they just won’t be a weekly fixture.

Mondays will continue to feature my writing from Chelmsford Patch, whose main theme is basically, “Holy crap I’m a dad of two,” with a sprinkling of local restaurant reviews, kid friendly happenings in town, and the occasional “angry tax payer with kids soon to be in the school system and I have a bone to pick with someone” article.  These articles actually appear on Patch every Saturday morning if you need your fix earlier, but will be featured here on Monday afternoons.  My hope is that you are outside with your kids on Saturday mornings creating your own stories, not reading mine.

Above all that, I write from the heart and ideally want my kids to tell the story.  The line I hear over and over these days is, “You just can’t make this stuff up.”  Well, I’m not going to.  I will embellish, exaggerate, judge, and pontificate, but it will all be based on real life.

I honestly hope you enjoy my writing, and all I ask is that if you like what you are reading, tell a friend; if you don’t like it, tell me.

Happy Parenting.

-Brad the Dad

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