Cooking with Cookie and Play-Doh

21 Jul

I have a confession to make.

I don’t like bubbles.  They are messy, sticky, and generally last about 5 seconds.  But I get it, I can see why they are fun.  A myriad of colors swirling around a circular ball of air, floating majestically across the yard with many like partners, while groups of excited children chase behind in an attempt to eliminate their existence.  I get it.

I’m just all set.

Play-Doh on the other hand is like playing with Legos.  Nearly every time you play with them, the outcome is different and something new is always around the corner.  Your imagination knows no limit.  Well, with Legos you are limited by the size and shape of that which you are playing with, but I’m not really saying anything.  Other than that with Play-Doh, you can do just about anything.

Cookie Monster’s Letter Lunch

I loved the Cookie Monster as a kid (who didn’t?), and as an adult I love him even more.  I mean, the guy doesn’t just eat his cookies, he inhales them.  There is a whole jar buddy, ease up and take a breath.

That is basically why I liked this toy right off the bat.  Not only do you get to make letters and a variety of food with little press molds, Cookie has an open/close mouth feature that allows you to feed him the food you make with a spoon, fork, knife, or your own hands.  If you’re going to do Cookie, do eating.

The theme is centered around Cookie sitting down for lunch with a large, detachable soup bowl positioned in front of him, hands ready to go at his side, with his fists forming convenient utensil holders.  Along with the individual letter press molds, the lid to the soup bowl and base underneath also have molds for healthy food options to add to the soup such as carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, strawberries, and apples.  A wedge of cheese, pretzel, peas, and cookies (obviously) are just a few of the side dish molds also available, while a noodle making hand press rounds out the package.

Create food until your heart’s content, put it all in the bowl to create your own version of alphabet soup, and then feed to Cookie.  Just be sure to watch your fingers. (Said in context of Cookie being a maniac eater, not as a toy safety concern.)

Stats:  Ages 3 and up.  Helps to build; letter recognition skills, matching skills, and fine motor skills.  Comes with 4 Play-Doh cans, each a different color and not intended for consumption by anyone other then Cookie.  45+ molds.  Easy clean-up.  Comes in a box featuring great suggestions for taking play to the next level.

What my 3 year old said about this toy:  “Don’t touch the bowl Daddy, the soup is hot.” (When did he start recommending things to me?)

What my baby might be thinking about this toy:  “The spoon is my favorite, which is exactly why I drop it on the floor from my high chair every 30 seconds.  Isn’t… isn’t anyone going to pick that up?  Hello?”

What Brad the Dad says:  Great toy, love the attention to detail in the molds, and never will complain when letters and learning are involved.  Great design to the entire set leaves very few places, if any, for Play-Doh to get stuck, resulting in a very easy clean-up.

What Brad says:  The “eating” function is an odd one for me.  I mean, I like it as that is pretty much Cookie’s MO, but I guess you’ll have to see the back of this thing to get the whole picture.

Five Word Summary:  Learning by creating with Cookie.

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One response to “Cooking with Cookie and Play-Doh

  1. Joey

    January 30, 2015 at 7:48 PM

    Will you sell the playdoh cookie monster’s letter lunch? My boy loves it so much, but I can’t find it anywhere. Please reply, thanks.


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