Their First Valentine’s Day, Almost Their Last

12 Feb

RoseI wasted no time missing the mark on Valentine’s Day with the woman who would eventually be my wife.

The setting was college, the mood was mostly rowdy, and the time was very early on in our relationship.  We landed on each other’s “potential hookup” radar at the beginning of the school year as a result of being neighbors in off-campus housing.  Throw in a dash of my winning charm during the tour of our house I gave her and her roommates when we all first met, and the table was set for love.  A sideways glance here, a wave there, and a “Hey, what’s up?” when passing each other in the 711 parking lot were just a few of the appetizers that lead to that one fateful night of us simply talking and laughing for hours by ourselves on my back deck.  Right then and there we both knew something was up.  Naturally there was another guy from another school that was still lingering around a little, but we had a connection and I knew it was only a matter of me not messing things up for us to continue.

Easier said than done.

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