3 Simple Tips for Developing Beginning Readers

05 Sep

spinemaybebcI’m just a dad.

A dad whose wife is entering her 13th year as an elementary school teacher and 15th year of working with children.  While she would never brag about it, modest as she is, she is an unbelievable teacher and parents can’t say enough about how much she does for their child’s development during the school year.  And by default, our boys benefit from her teaching skills and receive this development on a daily basis.  Things that are second nature to my wife as a teacher pan out as daily learning moments in our household.

For my part, I’m perceptive.  Not only is it my job to notice everything, it’s my curse…I mean, my superpower.  If I had a dollar for every time my wife uttered, “Why do you notice EVERYTHING?” I’d be a rich, rich man.

The following are what I perceive as the three most important things she applies on a daily basis with our boys to advance their reading development, and, what I believe will help your beginning readers achieve the same.

1.  Interest

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