Mite Maroon: A Storybook Season

04 Apr

This post is dedicated the kids and parents of our Mite Maroon team. Coach Joe, Coach Gary and myself were very fortunate to get the opportunity to coach such an incredible group. The development we saw in these kids from first practice to last was borderline unbelievable. Every single kid improved by leaps and bounds, and every single one of them tried their best all season long to achieve that. Every single kid was respectful, kind, and a good teammate both on and off the ice. Every single one of these kids is a hockey player.

Special props to the parents. All of us coaches know that it starts with you guys. You got them to the rink 3-4 times a week, got them dressed in their gear (not easy), woke up before the sun for most games, and encouraged your kids to be the best athletes that they can be day in and day out. You parents deserve special credit for doing all that you did these past 7 months. 7 months!! Thank you for making this a storybook season for your kids and their coaches. I’m going to cherish this experience for as long as I live.

(You can click on each picture to see a larger version, and if you right-click on an image and choose “Save image as…” you can save it to your computer. Both of those things should be possible with your phones as well, but the method differs depending on your type of phone.)


Spitzy. We got handed our first loss with him in net, but he took it like a champ and was smiling in the locker room afterwards. We all learned from him that day. Maybe one of my favorite moments of the season.


Sure these two had fun on the ice all year, but nobody had a better time than their dads, yucking it up behind the bench during games.


Good friends off the ice, teammates on the ice. Have fun in Squirts next year, Coop. We are going to miss you.


Amber and Austin getting ready to take the ice at the Tsongas Center.


Huddle up, kids. You’re about to skate on the same ice as the River Hawks.


After a vigorous pre-game speech from their coach, Mite White is all business heading to the ice.


Girls just wanna have fuh-un.


I slipped the camera guy a 20 after the game, so, you might happen to notice a few more shots of this guy than the other kids.


I need a faster camera if I want to catch Jack Sheehan in focus. Opposing teams beware, you’re not getting by this kid when he’s playing D.


A late-season addition to practices, but boy did he shine. You’ll look good in maroon and white, Mark.


A pre-game pic of our Maroons. Love these kids.


I warned you.


I got to calling him “Full Ice” Aidan by the end of the year. His speed and skills really stood out once we went full. Squirts are lucky to have you, A.


Cooper and Will getting ready for a face-off; smiles on their faces.


Hockey ready, every single one of them. Love it.


At the beginning of the season, all 4 Maroons in this pic would be bunched up around the puck. Nice spacing, kiddos.


Crashing the net.


Kiggins lets it rip.


Line change! (Aka, chaos)


Coach Joe took face-offs very seriously.


#5 bringing it out of the zone.


Nice face, Nicky!


He’s like a brick wall, isn’t he Ruby?


Like I said, very serious about his face-offs.


Honored to be sharing the ice, River Hawks.


Joe Joe has his game face on. Another kid headed up to Squirts that will be sorely missed by us Mites next year.


Z sets up on the blue line, his coach and dad preparing for the next shift in the background.


Luke streaks down the ice with Little Jack G (maybe the MVP of this game) following behind.


Hunter joined Mites mid-season and I really enjoyed seeing him develop during this time. Great job, Coach Glen.


Full Ice Aidan making a play from the corner, #5 manning the point.


Clayton about to pivot and get into position on D to stop those pesky Maroons from scoring.


I love the positioning of Mite White in this picture. That’s how to support the player with the puck! Well done, Coach Glen.


Josh getting into position in front of the net as one of his teammates battles for the puck off to the right. Stick down, Josh! (sorry, the coach in me never rests)


Brick. Wall.


Live action face-off. Great job, camera man.


Matty Ice on a breakaway. (We swapped goalies a few times by the way, this is legit)


Joe Joe rips one past Mark, not something easily done. This one rung off the post though… #GoaliesBestFriend


You guys getting the picture yet? Very, very serious business, this face-off stuff.


Maroon and White going after the puck, stride for stride.


Cooper bringing the puck out of the zone along the boards. Thank you for listening, Coop.


Nicky is getting on the ice, not off. This kid and his hair brought a smile to my face often.


Good times being had on the bench.


Joey G, on IR for a good chunk of the season, came back to us with a vengeance and finished the season strong. Here he’s about to challenge White for the puck behind the net.


Hunter going after Joe Joe as if he’s been skating with the Mites all year.


A sellout crowd watches on…


Haha! I caught Coach Joe having fun during a face-off. Busted!


Ruby on a breakaway…


Not so fast, Ruby. Maroon has something to say about your breakaway.




Jack mans the point as his teammates pinch deep in the other team’s zone.


Go get him, Amber! Click on this pic to see the larger version, note the smile on her face. Rule #1 — Have fun. Mission accomplished.


Joey G about to unleash a laser. Everyone duck!


Thanks for having us, Tsongas Center. We had a blast.


Magnus in pursuit of Joe Joe. Not an easy task.


This was Jack after a great save. “Hey, you guys looking for this?”


Coach Joe takes the puck and gives Jack a well deserved pat on the head.


Luke and Matty Ice battle for the puck.


One of my favorite pics of the shoot. Smiles and sweat, that’s all we want to see at the end of every game.


Great, great season for both Mite White and Mite Maroon. So proud of these kids and happy to be a part of this storybook season. Wishing all of you bright futures in the best sport that there is.

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