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Why You Should Be a Youth Sports Coach

youthsptsStarting something new and unknown in life can be extremely daunting, but often, just as rewarding.

In the world of youth sports I would watch from the sidelines when my oldest son first started playing organized soccer and think to myself, “I can coach this.”

After that the only question was, “Do I want to coach this?”

Family, work, home. Most of us have them all and most of us struggle on a daily basis to find the balance between them. I’ve gone straight to soccer after work because of a time crunch and have skipped soccer to stay home with our little guy when he was feeling sick. If I was to be a coach, such speed bumps and stutter steps with regards to my attendance would be much less acceptable, if at all. So, at first, I hesitated and decided to prioritize family/work/home over heading the call of volunteering to be a youth sports coach.

A call that currently is loud and nearing the point of desperation.

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The Role of Youth Sports in Raising Children

SoccerShotI can’t say enough about what being active in youth sports is doing for our son.

Still a freshly minted 6-year-old, our oldest recently faced his biggest athletic workload yet with soccer and hockey starting at the same time. Being new to the scene, my wife and I had concerns over whether or not he could handle playing two sports at once. Just last year we made a big decision to send him to kindergarten despite just making the cut-off age and thus the youngest kid in his class (My Kindergarten Son: An Academic Red Shirt), this year we had to decide if we should challenge him further by doubling down on sports.

As with any decision we make, my wife and I always want to do what we believe is best for him while also keeping in mind what he wants to do. We didn’t say, “You’re playing two sports because we’re those crazy parents and sick of all this free time we have on the weekends to chill out and would rather rush you around from field to rink and back again.”

No, that’s not how it went at all.

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Confessions of the Lost

BradTheDadFiction2He wrenched his sword free from his victim’s stomach, vividly watched him slump to the ground and wiped his blade clean on the fallen body.

Falling to his knees, agony getting the best of him, he threw back his head and screamed into the air for what seemed like eternity. Finally, as his ragged lungs gave way to exhaustion, he stopped serenading the dead body in front of him; stopped reliving the regrets of his past. It wasn’t supposed to feel like this, it wasn’t supposed to hurt so much.

He killed because she was a killer. He killed because she said he would never understand her and that was why they couldn’t be together. So, he killed. Again and again and again.

He stared down at the body in front of him and knew that killing wasn’t the answer. No solution to his pain.

She was gone, and nothing was going to bring her back. Nothing.


Standing at the edge of the cliff, her arms spread wide and eyes closed, she felt the wind buffet her hair as she leaned forward ever so slightly.

For a moment, she was gone.

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Of Taste and Family: Practice Makes Perfect


Starting over again.


Sometimes with different mechanics, but the basics are always the same.


Always about preparation. All about pride.

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Hope and Awareness, Changed by a Boy


Photo courtesy of National Lung Cancer Partnership.

This year’s family fundraising event was dominated by my oldest son. Right from the start our little competitor was dead set on finishing first in the Kids’ Dash in his last year of eligibility, and while some might say he tied for first (him), the reality is he was a step behind and proudly (us) finished second. But it was the actual 5k itself where he showed his true mettle. Being a little dinged up myself in the form of a maybe-broken toe, I was more than happy to walk with our team (Team Neversink) and just enjoy the day.

This was not to be.

Soon after the horn sounded and when he figured out that he was allowed to run around people, my son took off and my thoughts of walking were quickly dashed. Now, he’s always been a good athlete, but I’ve seen him wear down on the soccer field before and wasn’t prepared for this level of stamina from him. He easily ran non-stop to the 1st mile marker and then somewhat less easily to the halfway point where the first water station was. We grabbed waters and I told him to walk for a few. I told him about taking small sips and after we finished was just in the middle telling him to walk for a little bit longer and let the water settle (I was stalling) when he started running again.

Inwardly swearing to myself I took up pace with him, now curious to see what he was capable of.

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So Far Gone

SoFarGone5Who would have ever thought that I could feel this way about something?  About someone.

Who could have ever known I would be so far gone this soon?

I look at him…and time just slows.  It’s everything everyone said it would be.  It’s a feeling, it’s that feeling, you’ll only know once you have a child.

My oldest son is me.  He looks like my wife, but he is me.

Sometimes it takes looking at pictures of him while he is asleep upstairs to fully appreciate it all and take the whole thing in.

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Fostering Independent Play in Children

IndPlayIf my hunch is correct, this is an area that many of us struggle with these days.  I know my wife and I struggle with it and many of our friends express the same frustrations.

A toy room full of a toys and backyard full of the same and yet our boys constantly want one thing — us.

Somewhere along the line, “Be home when the street lights come on” and “Get lost!” became extinct.  Previous generations simply believed that kids did not belong underfoot.   Kids belonged out.  Most everyone reading this would agree that when we were growing up the world was our oyster and we were expected to explore every nook and cranny until it was time for dinner, and in the summer months, again after dinner.

But somewhere between the Internet and 24/7 news coverage the world became a very scary place.

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