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Taming the High Seas: An Adventure Story

roughseas002He squinted his eyes against the stinging, ocean spray that was assaulting his face.

The watercraft that was suddenly thrust into his hands felt awkward in his control; a foreign sensation that made him uncomfortable.  At each crest of an undulating wave, his stomach was left behind in the descent towards its trough.  Over and over again he fought against the awkwardness, willing himself to become more comfortable with this unsettling feeling.

It was important to him to master this task, not only because their adventure team was on another important mission, but because this time they had a very special passenger.

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The Longest Trek: An Adventure Story

His fate loomed before him in the form of something he dubbed, “The Pathway of Doom.”

With his partner at his side, a rookie whose thumb still displayed shades of green, the mission was to brave this stretch of unknown and come out the other side.  Normally on these expeditions they had their leader with them, a veteran of many adventures who always found a way to overcome the most difficult of challenges.  But now they were on their own, a theme that was seemingly becoming all too familiar to him.  Abandoned again, but this time not alone.  Could he trust what their fearless leader had said?  That he would be waiting for them the minute they emerged on the other side?

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