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Hasbro Toy Review: Flipping out for ‘Flip ‘N Serve Breakfast’

Hasbro knocks another one out of the park.

Trust me, I’ll be critical when it’s appropriate, but I’m not sure that is ever going to happen when talking about their Play-Doh product line.  I was very impressed with the Cookie Monster’s Letter Lunch Play-Doh set, but the Flip ‘N Serve Breakfast is the new “king of the mountain.”  It was a tough call to make, for while one set boasts everyone’s favorite cookie devouring blue monster, the breakfast set excels on variety and creativity.

Plus, we are talking about breakfast.  As much as I’m a fan of a nice steak dinner or stomach busting Italian meal, breakfast is the best meal of the day for me, my sons, and many others.  Let’s also not forget that it holds the all important title of “most important meal of the day,” and that’s pretty tough to compete with.

Flip ‘N Serve Breakfast

Just look at my egg.  I impressed myself with this one, even if I did have a little help from the box.  If I could digress for a second, I think I have a box obsession.  Maybe it’s just Hasbro boxes, or maybe it’s just that I’m an adult now and pay a little bit more attention to detail these days, but if you actually look at the back and sides of these boxes, they give you great ideas for advancing play.  For example, the side of this particular box shows you how to make a teapot without even using any of the molds or accessories in the kit.  It’s the little things that get me every time; well done marketing department.

The theme of this toy should be pretty obvious by now (breakfast) but the “flip” feature really adds another dimension to the whole experience.  Basically the set consists of a main base with three separate functions.  The main griddle at the center, a large press to the left that doubles as a storage container for utensils, and a smoothie maker to the right.  The center griddle is accompanied by a handle in which you can snap on different molds (waffle, pancake, etc…) for a variety of breakfast creating options.  Put some Play-Doh on the griddle, press down on the griddle handle and attached mold, let go of the handle and not only will your breakfast pop out, but the griddle will spin around 180 degrees to “serve” your patrons.  Make sure they have a plate and utensils for their meal, create some bacon with the press for a side, whip up a smoothie with the smoothie maker to wash it all down, and before you know it your guests will be clamoring for seconds.

Stats:  Ages 3 and up.  Great for imagination and creativity, as well as developing fine motor skills.  Comes with 4 Play-Doh cans, each a different color and not intended for consumption, but also nontoxic.  Aside from main base with griddle, large press, and smoothie maker, the set includes a spoon, fork, knife, spatula, cup for smoothies, insert press for making smoothies, 3 griddle stamps(molds), rail for main press, serving dish, and instructions.  Easy clean-up with only a slight trouble spot on the inside of the smoothie maker.

What my 3 year old said about this toy:  “Daddy you made bacon.  I love bacon.” (Don’t we all?)

What my baby might be thinking about this toy:  “Okay, you just started experimenting with table food for me, and yet none of this seems to be making its way in my direction.  I’m a little confused and pretty mad about it.”

What Brad the Dad says:  As with the Cookie Lunch set, the molds in this are top notch.  The main press handle has options for making bananas, strawberries, fruit wedges, and more, while the rail for the main press let’s you make such things as bacon and sausage.  A shameless Dad approval tactic and another smart move by the marketing department.

What Brad says:  A smoothie maker in a breakfast kit?

Five Word Summary:  Expanding imagination by creating breakfast.

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