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Hope and Awareness, Changed by a Boy


Photo courtesy of National Lung Cancer Partnership.

This year’s family fundraising event was dominated by my oldest son. Right from the start our little competitor was dead set on finishing first in the Kids’ Dash in his last year of eligibility, and while some might say he tied for first (him), the reality is he was a step behind and proudly (us) finished second. But it was the actual 5k itself where he showed his true mettle. Being a little dinged up myself in the form of a maybe-broken toe, I was more than happy to walk with our team (Team Neversink) and just enjoy the day.

This was not to be.

Soon after the horn sounded and when he figured out that he was allowed to run around people, my son took off and my thoughts of walking were quickly dashed. Now, he’s always been a good athlete, but I’ve seen him wear down on the soccer field before and wasn’t prepared for this level of stamina from him. He easily ran non-stop to the 1st mile marker and then somewhat less easily to the halfway point where the first water station was. We grabbed waters and I told him to walk for a few. I told him about taking small sips and after we finished was just in the middle telling him to walk for a little bit longer and let the water settle (I was stalling) when he started running again.

Inwardly swearing to myself I took up pace with him, now curious to see what he was capable of.

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