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The Story of Grem and Acer

WhereRUThey were cars.

Two lemons to be exact. Two lemons of little note. Exactly the way the two of them wanted it. For the most part…

“What do I care?” Grem whined in his shrill voice. “It’s better off they never notice us. We aren’t supposed to be noticed, remember?”

“You’re always so dramatic,” complained Acer. “I’m bored and this is getting old. Nobody ever notices us anyways.” And so went the argument they were having once again, an argument they seemingly had almost every single day. If it was up to Grem they would stay out of the spotlight and never have any fun, but Acer wanted more. Acer wanted a life that was more than just hiding. They were always hiding! Hiding as if they were criminals.

The two of them actually being criminals was not the point, thought Acer.

“How about we just test the waters and see what’s out there?” asked Acer.

“That’s not our life. That’s not who we are,” stated Grem as if this was absolute.

“The little one’s noticed us, you know?” Acer said with a nervous, sidelong glance.

“I know,” grumbled Grem in frustration. “He’s had his on eye us for a while now. We have to watch out for that one.”

Much to Acer’s delight, it didn’t take long for Grem’s suspicions to prove true. Before either of them knew what was happening, they found themselves pulled directly into the spotlight.

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Dude, Where’s My Sarge? The Story of a Matchbox Car

Sarge is a character in Cars and Cars 2.

Sarge has a small role in both of those movies.

A role just big enough to warrant him being immortalized into matchbox car form.

As you may know, matchbox cars play a significant role in our house, and the Cars collection are the ring leaders of the entire lot.  The Cars matchbox cars always come out first, have their own special carrying case, and are always last to be put away.  They are the ones who get selected to join us when we go out to eat, or when the boys take a trip with Mommy to run errands.  Tow Mater, second only to Lighting McQueen in worldwide popularity (debatable), is often selected for such trips.

But there simply isn’t a single car that gets more attention than Sarge.  Not even close.

I have no idea why this is.  Right now my theory is that the little guy settled on Sarge after his big brother decided to hog Tow Mater, big brother then decided he wanted Sarge upon realizing his plan backfired to make little brother jealous about Mater, and from there the legend of Sarge just took on a life of its own.

“Sargey” as he is sometimes called, is the undisputed leader of all matchbox cars and toys alike.  They fight over him, they sometimes play together with him, and he basically goes everywhere the boys go.  I honestly can’t get over how this character with such a minor role in the movies, movies that have no shortage of dynamic and likeable main characters, became the center of attention in our house.

But here is the kicker – right now Sarge is missing.

Sarge has a knack for that actually.  I would say he goes missing at least once a week and often for days at a time.  I’ve found him in between the couch cushions, mixed in with the trains on the train table, at the bottom of random toy bins that contain no other matchbox cars, in the play kitchen oven, and most recently outside in the middle of the lawn.

Nothing short of ninja like reflexes saved Sarge from getting a haircut (and then some) the other day as I was mowing the lawn.  He came out of nowhere, and lucky for him, I stopped the mower just in time.  As quickly as the question, “Why is there a matchbox car in the middle of the lawn?” popped into my head, the realization of who it was answered that question just as quick.

“The 1-year-old” you might be guessing?

The 1-year-old.

He loves his Sargey something fierce.

Just today the he exclaimed “Sarge!” in an excited voice, and upon hearing this I went running into the family room to welcome the spunky little car back into family, but the poor boy was just reacting to a Sarge sticker on the side of one of his toy bins.

For almost a week now the most famous matchbox car in the world, in the eyes of my boys at least, has been missing.  This is the longest such stretch for Sarge.  We look for him daily and have turned the inside of our house and outside yard upside down twice over without any luck.  The only thing we can do is continue looking.

We love you Sarge, please come home soon so you can get lost again.

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