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I’m a Flawed Husband and Father

Pouty2It all started a few weeks ago as I followed the happenings of a dad summit that some of my fellow dads were attending.  It all started out innocent enough, but at some point the whole thing flipped on its head for me and I started asking myself, “Who exactly are these presenters and why should we be listening to them?”  That’s when it all started to go wrong.

I couldn’t get the image out of my head of this one dad standing up on stage, casually dressed and looking sharp in his Gap attire with a hands-free microphone attached to his ear, about to drop some knowledge on his audience.  I couldn’t help but think how unqualified I was to be standing in his position.  The real problem was though, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking if the guy on stage was qualified either.

I didn’t stick around to hear his message; I didn’t want to.

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