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Trying to Keep the Hustle in Check

SunsetAvalonVacation, and the days immediately following, are perfect for reflection.

Upon returning from a week and a half vacation last month, with nearly 95% separation from work, I was extremely relaxed and my mind as clear as it’s been in a long time.  Yet, leading up to this vacation, I was as stressed out and overwhelmed as I’ve ever been.  Work exploded after (too) many years of being in a recession and home life was as it always is with two active boys and a house/property to take care of — fun, but not easy.  Not by a long shot.

In short, I needed a vacation bad.

The problem I was having and that needed correcting, as I see now with my newly, clear mind, was that I was in an endless cycle that was constantly feeding itself.  Work stress and the challenges of life, and the attention they commanded, were causing me to spend my remaining energy on coping, not advancing.

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